The Era Of Co Operation And Developing International Relations

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Introduction Today is the era of co-operation and developing international relations. Globalization has brought countries closer to one another and has formed different organizations and alliance for mutual benefits. Representatives of nations gather in a common platform and discuss their countries benefits, interests, problems and work together to achieve their goals. SAARC is such an organization. SAARC is the acronym for South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation. As a clear form the name SAARC is an inter-governmental platform for co-operation. SAARC’s member nations are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Srilanka with UN, OIC, EU and China being the observers. South Asian Association for Regional Co-Operation has always urged dismantling of non-traffic barriers to increase exports from developing countries for 31 years. In every annual summit in one of the SAARC member countries, member nations have more frequent formal and informal bilateral talks among themselves. In the Ninth Summit of SAARC in 1997 these countries also endorsed the sub-regional grouping like “Growth Quadrangle.” It decided to introduce direct flights among the seven SAARC nations and resolved to continue cooperation in fighting terrorism. Now, it needs to expand its activities appreciably try to have meaningful interaction not only with ASEAN but also with Japan, a major world economic power on the Asian belt. This essay discusses about South Asian
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