The Era Of Good Feeling

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Edgard Areas Prof. Kenyon Callahan Political Science 1 (Section 91060) October 20, 2016 James Monroe The Era of Good Feeling, described in the Miller Center website, is a period that was “marked by economic prosperity, the disintegration of the Federalist Party, and feelings of triumph after the victory in the War of 1812.” It is also connected to President James Monroe’s time in office from 1817 to 1825. The road to becoming president was a particularly easy one for him. The dominance of the Democratic-Republican party was at an all-time high while the Federalist party failed to provide a strong opposition. This lack of competition along with his popularity ultimately granted Monroe an easy win in the 1816 election and continued through his reelection in 1820 where he ran unopposed. However, what once helped him in attaining one of the most important jobs in the country actually ended up being a double-edge sword. His ideals on amalgamation and eliminating the party system brought forth one of the strongest Cabinets in history and lead him to long lasting successes in foreign affairs. On the other hand, the same ideal led to some domestic issues and caused disunity within the nation. One of Monroe’s first actions was appointing his Cabinet. Two of the Cabinet members he appointed were John C. Calhoun, from South Carolina, and John Quincy Adams, from New England, as Secretary of State. Both Cabinet members, along with the others, came from different regions in the country
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