The Era Of Good Feelings

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Simran Orion
APUSH Sec. 3

The years 1815 to 1825 are incorrectly titled the “Era of Good Feelings.” Though many consider this time period to be one of unity and nationalism, the occurrences of this age indicate otherwise. Though there were a small amount of beneficial happenings in this era, the bad greatly outweighs the good. Perhaps America prospered economically toward the end of the era with industrialism thriving, but slavery, taxation, and the expansion of the country beckons the question of how this time in America’s history could have ever been called the Era of Good Feelings. This era included much conflict and shaped the future events to come. One of the greatest issues within this time period was slavery. The subject had been suppressed for years, and made a halfway appearance within the Era of Good Feelings before it was buried, once again. Slavery was the greatest tension-causing topic between the North and South. Southerners were pro-slavery, as their farms and ways of live depended upon it. Northerners were generally abolitionists, as it was immoral and unconstitutional, in their eyes. Southerners saw the Northerners’ wishes to abolish slavery as means to obtain even more power. Were slavery to be abolished in the South, Southern agriculture and economy would immediately fail, affecting the rest of America, as well. There’d be no one to work on the plantations, except the white Southerners, themselves. Simply, without slaves, the Southern way of life would
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