The Era Of Growing Technologies

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The Era of Growing Technologies The term technology originates from two Greek terms which are tekhne and logia, these two terms mean arts and crafts. Technology has started in the 17th century, however it is still a growing thing in the 21st century. Technology does not always have to be about computers and new smart phones because back then they did not have all of this stuff but technology back then was still growing. Technology is very identifiable for this era since the technology is constantly growing. Technology is in every aspect of any human’s life by how people can communicate to others, also how people work in different work environments, and technology is growing because there are people who can make different arts and crafts.…show more content…
“James Carey’s ‘ritual view’ of communication- suggests that it is communication-including the use of technology of language- that creates culture, and perpetuates existence” (Green). The Digital age has had a superb change on the ways we can communicate between people. Many people in today’s society would rather communicate online than have a face to face conversation so that they can hide behind filters and try to only show their good side. One form of communication is the alphabet and it usually learned by young minds and social medias are usually for adult minds who have already learned the early stages on communication so they try to grow their minds on how people can communicate with others. A big part of how communication has grown is how big the internet has gotten. The internet opens up many more possibilities to find new information, and it also shows how people can get the information at a faster pace. Technology has made a lot of advantages to communicating in the work place and or at home. Businesses use many different and easier ways to communicate in the work environment. “Among many functions of communication in organizations and work groups, including information sharing, decision making, influence, coordination, motivation, and identification communicative interactions in the workplace serve to create and maintain work relationships among team and organizational members” (Myers). The reason many businesses do this is because they want the workers

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