The Era Of The 21st Century

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The era of the 21st century has brought people to live a rapid lifestyle. This decade has been known for the new age of new things including the birth of technology. The use of technology has given great things to people in fact it has help reduce environmental issues but it has also increase some other effects to the ecosystem. Even though technology has help human beings to communicate more via social media, texting and face time, has made people loose their interest in nature. I hardly see any kids playing outside neither do they have any desire to go camping. Many have no interest to know about the planet they live in because they are busy watching Television or working or being parents or making a living. Unfortunately to them the last thing that crosses their mind is the world they live in. The Environment is the land that people live in the water they drink and air they breathe. Although people and corporations like to say that they care about the environment they don’t care and when they do is because they anticipate something in return. People should be more aware and be more cautious about the environment and global issues. The state of California has been experiencing a drought for the last couple of years, that has made some people reduce the water they use. People start to notice changes when major natural disasters happen, for example when Hurricane Katrina made a lot of damages in the state of Louisiana a lot of people were concern but then they stop to
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