The Era Of The Colonial Era

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1. The Colonial Era • In this era people were self dependent on growing their own food as well as making clothes for themselves. In today 's times we rely on retail shopping for our clothes and food. There are separate markets for each providing room for progress in society. • As far as the business side goes in this era, most businesses were small and relied on local profit alone. In society today, while small businesses do still exist more often than not most corporations are relying on profit across the globe. This way more profit and jobs can be made. The Industrial Era • The factory system was just being developed in this era. This was the beginning of a major way in which businesses would grow. Still today we use techniques for this time bust we have improved on the efficiency of how products are made. Also putting laws in place for no child labor which was a great improvement. • Specialty or larger stores began to compete with the general or smaller stores that were prominent in the previous era. Trade became less important, and with this the market economy was born. We have improved this system with finding a good balance in big corporations and smaller businesses. This allows the system to function much easier and there is much more room for success from several companies, not just a few. The age of Titans • Some called this the second industrial revolution. This was an age of many people building business empires. To this day many businesses

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