The Era Of The Common Man

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The Jacksonian period has been regarded as the era of the “common man”, this characterization only holds true in regard to politics. Jackson’s action in economic development was little different from when this era began. His view towards reforms were threatening and unwanting. Jackson was relentless in his strive for presidency. Jackson lost his first presidential run to John Quincy Adams in 1824 despite having the popular and electoral votes. The Jacksonians (supporters of Jackson) called this event the “Corrupt Bargain” due to Henry Clay support of Adams after he was out of the race. Jackson won the following election in 1828, after a war of words were exchanged between supporters of Jackson and Adams. The Jacksonians accused Adams of being wasteful with money, while Adams supporters accused Jackson of being a murderer in the war of 1812 and called his wife a bigamist. These accusations got to Rachel and weeks later she passed. Nonetheless, this was still a victory for the new Democratic Republicans against the National Republicans. Politically, the age of Jackson was a triumph for the common man since politics were more open. Before Jackson politics were only indulged in by aristocrats and elites; With Jackson it was open to all white male citizens. It has also be noted that before Jackson came into office that there was expansion in voting with Ohio and other new western states. These new constitutions made older states conform to their laws due to the fear of losing
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