The Era Of The Gilded Age

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America has had many historical identities throughout its lifetime. Many periods can be debated and analyzed from the surface but there are topics where one has to dig deep and find those areas of critical assessment where now in hind sight, we can say whether America was right or wrong. The Gilded Age gave the late nineteenth century a popular name by which to be remembered. The term reflected the combination of outward wealth and dazzle with inner corruption and poverty. Given the period’s absence of powerful and charismatic presidents, its lack of a dominant central events, and its sometimes tawdry history, historians have often defined the period by negatives. The time stressed greed, scandals, and corruption of the Gilded Age. The era was crammed with corruption, but the years between 1877 and 1900 were also some of the most momentous and dynamic in American history. They set in motion developments that would shape the country for generations, the reunification of the South and north, the integration of four million newly freed African Americans, westward expansion through railroads, immigration, industrialization, urbanization. It was also a period of reform, in
Diaz 2 which many Americans sought to regulate laws and shape the changes taking place all around them. Between 1850 and 1900 immigrants prompted much more concern among native born white Americans than did black people. During these years there was a rapid gain of net immigration moving into the United…

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