The Era Of The Great Depression

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In the early 1930’s, Republican president Herbert Hoover left office, leaving the United states in an economic disaster. In hopes for change, the people of the U.S. had elected president Franklin D. Roosevelt; a democrat, to be their next president in expectance to reverse the economic damages that had been made. In effect, this had begun the era of The Great depression and the beginning of Liberals challenging traditional laws and values. In fact, the beginning of the 1930’s/40’s affected the rise of conservatism in the U.S by the 1960’s/70’s in three ways, such as the growth of Democratic involvement, Civil Rights, and the decrease of traditional values. Therefore, it was a new era for political change and tossing away the original thoughts of a conservative, limited government to remain the same. Without delay, when President Roosevelt took office in 1933, he made sure have more government involvement in hopes to quickly bring the U.S. out of The Great Depression. Immediately, Roosevelt tried positively to increase the economy by establishing multiple programs created by the government, called The New Deal. Roosevelt’s programs and policies did more than just adjust interest rates, tinker with farm subsidies and create short-term make-work programs. Thus, a brand-new, if tenuous, political. coalition that included white working people, African Americans and left-wing intellectuals were created. However, Roosevelts establishment of The New Deal created mixed emotions
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