The Era of Social Media Essay

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1. Introduction The era of social media was first started in 1999. The origin itself was named UseNet, created in 1979 where people were allowed to post messages to the public. Social media can be defined as a group of internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0; it also allows the creation and exchange of User Generated Content (UGC). On the other hand, crowdsourcing is said to coexist with social media. Crowdsourcing is best defined as the practice of gathering information, idea, or any content from a large group of people, often without any compensation ( 2014). Thus, it cannot be denied the fact that social media correlate with crowdsourcing and therefore…show more content…
Although Web 2.0 does not refer to any specific technical update, there is a set of basic functionalities that are necessary for its functioning. For example, Adobe Flash (improve interactivity of the webpage), RSS (Really Simple Syndication, web feed formats that gathers information and update content), AJAX (Asynchronous Java Script, a technique used to retrieve data from web servers asynchronously, allows updating the web content without interfering the behavior of the webpage). Kaplan and Haenlein considered Web 2.0 as the platform for the evolution of Social Media. When Web 2.0 is described as the ideological and technological foundation, User Generated Content can be defined as how people make use of social media. Referring to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD 2007, cited in Kaplan&Haenlein 2010), there are three basic requirements for UGC to be considered as such: first, published publicly in an accessible website or accessible social networking site; second, creative effort needed; third, must be created outside of professional routines and practices. UGC has already been available before Web 2.0 came to light, the combination of technological drivers, economic drivers, social drivers make UGC nowadays differs from what was known back in 1980s. Social Media is group
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