The Eradication Of The Sub Group

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The Eradication of the Sub-Group You are sitting in the corner of a dimly lit room wondering how you, and your family are going to eat. You feel as if someone is up in the sky torturing you, why are you going through a situation such as this? Why must you suffer? After many attempts to take care of your family in a legitimate way, the only solution that has been afforded to you has been failure. You spent one whole year trying to get it right, but to no avail. What exactly do you do? How do you get out of this slump that you have been enduring for what seems to be as if it were going on the majority of your life? The conclusion you come up with to combat your current…show more content…
Oftentimes, individuals that come from these entities (gangs) have experienced some form of oppression, or inopportune moment which slung them at the bottom of the economic food chain which in turn forces them to enact in deviant ways. Without gang membership, the gangs would not exist and the like; without gangs, gang membership would not be prevalent. In order to combat murders, robberies/thefts, and illegitimate acts, a strategy needs to be imposed to effectively eradicate the existence of gangs. In order to do that, strategies and efforts to extirpate gang membership must be sought after. Understanding why members select a deviant career such as gang membership is priority, outside factors and sources will be analyzed as well in order to determine why this membership occurs.
Combatting gang membership is not something new, globally, differing countries have formulated their own methods of dealing with statuses such as this. In the Bahamas, for example experienced gang activity after socioeconomic changes occurred as they evolved from a dependent nation into an independent nation. Once this main factored happened, the Bahamian banking system disappeared, according to Duffy, “This changed the economic climate in the Bahamas and forced a dependence on foreign tourism as a primary national resource” (Duffy pg. 29, 2004). Consequently during the 1960s and 1970s the gang issue proliferated. What was found was that they had developed because of particular factors that
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