The Erechtheion Caryatid Porch

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The Erechtheion Caryatid Porch The Caryatid Porch in Athens stands as one of the city's most impressive works of art and is, to this, day, one of the most beautiful artworks that have ever been created. The Greeks brought together aesthetics and functionality by using these sculptures as architectural support meant to replace conventional columns. The sculptures are part of the Erechtheion temple located on the North side of the Acropolis. The temple was build somewhere between 421 and 406 B.C. and its name originates in the fact that it holds a shrine meant to serve the courageous Greek Hero Erichthonius. Many individuals are likely to ignore the Erechtheion temple's importance as a result of being mesmerized with the view of the Parthenon. However, this is actually a very important building when considering the religious rituals that were present there. One can virtually say that the Erechtheion stands in contrast to the Parthenon, taking into account that the latter practically takes up most of the view with its imposing Doric structure. The building was sculpted by Phidias under the direction of Perikles. While the Erechtheion temple as a whole is impressive and significantly underestimated because of other notable architectural works in its vicinity, it is only safe to say that the Maiden Porch provides a particularly intriguing picture. This piece of art is directed toward the Parthenon, as if it was intended to demonstrate that it could actually rival one of

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