The Erikson 's Human Development Theory

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The discontinuity of attachment style from infancy to later life Cheung Ka Ho 43751916 The University of Queensland According to Erikson’s human development theory, there were eight distinct stages in human growth, each stage was unique and special (Rosenthal, Gurney & Moore, 1981). The first critical period was infancy, which could be influenced by the attachment they received from their caregivers. Attachment was a continuing emotional bond that formed between infants and their caregivers (Weems, Berman, Silverman & Rodriguez, 2002). Caretaker built up the connection with infant by using different attachment styles. In order to measure attachment style, a laboratory measure called strange situation would be used to evaluated…show more content…
Fraley (2002) hypothesized that prototype perspective brought huge influence to child development, early experience of infants retained stalely over a long period of time and affected their future behavior. Whether the effect of attachment style stably processed after infancy was still uncertain. Hamilton (2000) conducted a family lifestyle project on the continuity of attachment style. The sample size of this test was two hundred and five American families including fifty-one two parent families, fifty-three social contract couple, twenty-six families in domestic living groups, forty-five single mothers and thirty families in creedal communes. When infants were twelve months old, strange situation was used to test the attachment style of infants. As an outcome, one hundred and fifty-three secure oriented, thirty avoidant oriented, nineteen resistant oriented infants were found. When infants grew up, they received an adolescent version of adult attachment interview which measured the adolescence attachment style. Negative life event was an important factor in this test, the study focused on the correlation of the change in attachment style and the life events. Participants and their parents were asked information related to their change of life. Especially for parents, they were
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