The Eritrean-Ethiopian War Boarder Problem

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The Eritrean-Ethiopian War was, officially, a two-year conflict in the Horn of Africa primarily focused on territorial disagreements . Many argue the border disputes between the two entities stem back to Eritrea’s 1991 war of independence from Ethiopia1. Since that time, the two strikingly similar nations have fought relentlessly over Badme, border territory claimed by both1. In 1998, Eritrea broke international law and set the war in motion by invading Ethiopia . An end to the hostilities looked promising in 2000 when both sides agreed to a comprehensive peace agreement2. Unfortunately the fighting continued and the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission was established in The Hague2. In 2002, the UN Commission declared that the disputed territory in its entirety belongs to Eritrea1. Ethiopia continues to occupy the land to this day1.
Why has the violence between Eritrea and Ethiopia continued despite the United Nations resolution? The issues between these two countries have not only continued, but they have begun to spread across the region . Due to the mass casualties and millions of dollars spent on the ongoing conflict, both nations are looking outward for means of financial survival3. For example, both Ethiopia and Eritrea have since been accused of actively supporting rebel factions in nearby Somalia in exchange for monetary assistance3. Although both nations are struggling with advancing their economies, money is not what they continue to argue about3. Issues between

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