The Erotic Love Of Ana And Mr. Grey

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Although 50 Shades is about the erotic love between Ana and Mr. Grey, the love taking place is very captivating. The love they share is so intense throughout the book. The love they share kept me reading. I myself am a hopeless romantic in a way and can relate to Ana’s struggle. Ana was pulled into a new dimension when she falls for Grey. Ana had the typical girl meets boy relationship in mind. She felt like being in love was a beautiful thing. Even though she had never been in a serious relationship, she was pretty sure what love was. She grew up with two loving parents. One of whom was married to her third husband and the other, who wasn’t her real dad but close to it, in another state living alone. As children we do analyze our parents’ relationships and Ana knew that the only man her mother really loved was her dad. When her mom would talk about her dad her feelings would show up all on her face. Ana knew that her mom didn’t act like that with any other man. She felt like that was what love should make you do. It should make you feel as if you have butterflies in your stomach when you think about them. Knowing this Ana could pick out when she liked anyone. She had a couple of guys that was into her but of course she didn’t feel the same about them. One of her best friends José, who is madly in love with her, has always wanted to date Ana but settled for best friend. Also another guy she works with, who is the owner of the store she works at son, was always trying to go

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