The Error Into Software Execution Code

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It uses first order, second order or higher order logic theorem. The main aim of this method is to detect the error into software execution code. This error could be analyzed in the software requirement process. All the high level requirements are consistent and satisfies the conformance of standard.
Thereon proving using deductive mathematics. As it supports for various functionalities like set theory, logic, alegebric expressions etc. All the mathematical formulae are well defined structure into this prover. It is very easy to prove the respective requirements. There are various types of theorem provers.
It uses computer program which has immense capability to solve very difficult problems.
The system needs to present the requirement in precise syntax. This should be properly defined logical relation between the input and output variables.
Theorem proving is one of the key ways to deal with formal check. It is also known as A hypothesis prover is a PC program for building and checking deductions in a formal verification . A formal specification language used to describe the system. There are 3 specifications we should include into the language.

1. A formal dialect to express formulas: Depending on the requirement, we use the formal specification languages; eg.OBJ
2. A collection of equations called axioms It uses the stored theorem logic to prove the code. eg.First or second order logic 3. A gathering
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