The Eruption Of A Volcanic Eruption

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A volcanic eruption is one of the greatest forces of nature, they can kill, maim and obliterate. Volcanic eruptions are too dangerous for us to come close to them and scientists are trying their best to interpret volcanoes and see them in action so that one day every volcanic eruption can be avoided. Although we are not scientist we can still see a volcanic eruption ourselves using chemicals, we can witness as the chemical reacts to each other behaving like lava cascading out of a volcano.
! CAUTION: Chemical reactions can be harmful, in this experiment be careful when using hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a kind of detergent and bleach, which can bleach your hair or clothes if applied to.

-Chemicals - Hydrogen Peroxide, vinegar
-Food colouring
-Dishwashing detergent
-Baking soda
For the volcano
1. Shape the volcano out of clay
2: Paint the volcano the way you like it
3. Cover it with protective layer to protect it from sparks (Don 't need to if you 're using natural clay)
For the landscape
1. Cover your volcano ground with sand and dirt
2. Decorate it with plants, animals, people and house
For the chemical reaction
1. Pour the Hydrogen Peroxide into the volcano
2. Add 1/2 a table spoon of yeast and stir it up a little

Why the chemical reacts?
Hydrogen peroxide and yeast:
The formula for Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2, it is a bit like oxygen with an overdose of oxygen
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