The Eruption Of Eyjafjallajokull Led Air Travel Restrictions

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Strategic Organizational Redesign The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull led to air travel restrictions, which caused many financial and logistical problems for dependents of the travel industry. Monetary losses and a decrease in customer satisfaction threatened businesses, especially those in the commercial courier service industries. Analyzing the impacts on business, protecting assets, managing customer expectations, and forming new partnerships will assist the organization in overcoming this environmental disruption and becoming more strategically prepared for dilemmas in the future.
Business Impacts The citizens of Denmark depend on commercial courier services for reliable and time-definite delivery and it is fulfilled by this
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Establishing and protecting brand equity will help in overcoming crises as quickly as possible.
Organizational Redesign The elements of an organization and their interactions together should fulfill the goals of the organization. Imposed constraints from environmental circumstances, such as disruptions in the supply chain, can result in a change in requirements in order to function as desired. Re-organizing the design model to increase the effectiveness can be complicated, but approaching it in a strategic and systematic way will yield better results (Spector, 2009). Change pilots and simulation-based approaches allow for experimentation and learning on a small scale to see if the new change design will satisfy the requirements. This provides the change manager support in making appropriate decisions (Hoogendoorn, Jonker & Treur, 2011).
Risk Management Plan Forming a risk management plan to ensure the disruptions of the supply chain are minimized and the negative affect of grounded flights are limited. Identifying possible risks, analyzing risks, identifying risk triggers, forming risk resolution ideas, formulating an action plan, and assigning responsibility are the processes for forming a risk management plan (Dcosta, 2014). Supply chain risk management empower organizations to ease the harmful effects of continent-wide disruption to air travel. Contingency planning around air travel interferences
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