The Espionage Of The United States ' Government

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The espionage of the United States’ government is a controversial issue these days. Espionage is the gathering of information without the permission or warrant of the holder of the information. Within the rapid technological development, the variety of tools for espionage are available in the United States; it can be obtained by tracking, surveillance, wiretapping, etc. Specifically, Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system is one of the significant topics for espionage. Recently, many people including drivers, hikers, and manufacturers often use GPS to see the directions to their destinations, to locate themselves one a trail map, or to keep track of their delivering products. However, today’s controversy with GPS device is that police also uses it to determine suspects’ locations and movements. It is the most advanced technological device to effectively track and monitor suspects and offenders using satellites. Therefore, some people argue that the use of GPS tracking should be increased and should not need warrants, while others assert that GPS devices to track suspects raise legal problems, so Supreme Court should limits police use of GPS tracking. There are many positive and negative aspects of it. According to the article “Do Police Need Warrants For GPS Tracking Devices?,” the author says that the reason for controversy of GPS tracking devices is that “Police, quite naturally, want to use new technology to get the goods on the bad guys, and citizens, quite

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