The Essay Of Groom Service And The Return

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The essay of “Groom Service” and “The Return” “Groom Service” by Michael Anthony Dorris and “The Return” by Ngugi wa Thiongo are two short story which have the common theme of “love” and the common situation of “ the marriage”. Although the two stories have common themes and situation related to acceptance, acknowledgement, and recognition, the difference between the two story influence the meaning a lot. The common theme of story is “love”. The protagonist in “Groom Service”, Bernard, had the ability to survive with his hunting skill, but did not dare to seek his own love. He seeks acceptance from Marie and her family. On the contrary, Kamau in the story “The Return” seeks acceptance from a village, but finds acceptances in the…show more content…
In this two story, we found two different narrative story, get the same story theme; different story background, reached a similar fate. On the basis of the above discussion , we know that the two wonderful poems indicate the love theme from different perspectives. The “Groom Service” focus on materialism, family disharmony, by the multiple narrative perspective. “The Return” shows the struggle Kenya’s Gikuyu people, by the narration for the journey home. The meaning in the story is still love and hate, life and death. The writing style, images and language of the story is based on the emotion and fate of human beings. Indian literary renaissance is a long time and finally ready to breed in the language, reality and political aspects such as the Literary Renaissance. The story also shows the Indian literary renaissance by the view of the emotion and fate of human beings. By the influence of this type of literary works like “Groom Service” and “The Return” , Indian cultural survival and regeneration study gradually appear into reader’s sight, and affect the later literary works a
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