The Essence Of Existence : Joseph Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness

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Brandon Banks
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16 December 2015
The Essence of Existence The nature of human reality is one theory that has sent philosophers on a never-ending journey, in which they have tried to explain, define and hypothesis this theory. In turn, our civilization has seen philosophies rise and fall such as Intellectualism, Transcendentalism, and Existentialism. As a result, our human history is littered with philosophies that tried to establish their own comprehensive system of idealisms and ideologies. Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, published in 1899, is one of the first novellas to unequivocally evaluate and scrutinize the tyrannical imperialism that conquered the African nation, specifically the Congo. However, Conrad illustrated this dense novella in a particular method, in which he employed an anonymous passenger, who listens to Marlow’s story, and reiterates the story to the reader. In turn, the reader holds a certain distance from the story that is maintained throughout the whole novella. Conrad composed an interesting passage that encompasses all the previously stated sentiments, however, he deliberately placed this passage towards the beginning of the novella as to enthrall the reader. At this particular moment, the fast-talking Brickmaker is further elaborating on his pursuit to be a manager in this ivory craze to a disinterested Marlow, who continues to hypothesize on the very essence of existence. This conceptualization of life and the…

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