The Essence Of Kanye West

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The essence of Kanye West is a contradiction; he embodies two opposite sides of the hip hop spectrum: the conscious and the ignorant. One side of the spectrum embodies the ideals of brotherhood, collective being, and addresses the social and political aspects affecting the people of society as Kanye explained formerly as “spoken word.” The other side demands the artist to live through the art of self-gratification by any means necessary or as Kanye put it, being able to “buy 80 gold chains and go ig’nant.” Some may argue that the art of compromise in the commercialization of rap music has been compromised by self-proclaimed fashion mogul, and egotistical rap artist, Kanye West. He 's one of the most virtuous and artistically driven rappers in the game, with goals much bigger just dropping albums.
In 2004, College Dropout was the album that brought the combative soul producer from Chicago into the hip hop conversation. It sold 2.6 million copies and won a Grammy for Best Rap Album. On Ye’s classic, he addressed his personal struggles of insecurity, conforming to social norms, spirituality, materialism, consumerism, family and personal relationships, near-death experiences, and his rags to riches story. “All Falls Down” was one of Kanye’s early masterpieces, a time when his vulgarity, goofiness, soul, and intelligence came together to create a mesmerizing four minute story. Originally debuted at the Def Jam Poetry Slam as a spoken word, you could hear the sincerity, soul, and
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