The Essence Of The Beauty Of Love

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Running Into Love at Unexpected Times
Many people find themselves hypnotized whenever they stumble into live at unexpected times. Indeed love is one of the most spontaneous phenomena ever. One just never knows when it strikes, or even stops. Some analysts say that this is the essence of the beauty of love. While this is a widely debatable stance, you can at least learn how to respond to the spontaneity so you are not caught unawares; forewarned is foretold.
I’m one of those spontaneous and unpredictable people. This makes it hard to sustain the relationships I develop. I shock my prospective partners out of my cycle with my sporadic and sometimes unreasonable reaction and effusions. I’m stirred into action by new things and have a knack for the adrenaline pumping situations. It is not a wonder, therefore, that I prefer extreme sports.
My temperament, as I have alluded earlier is not exactly calm. In fact it is one volatile aspect of my personality. I don’t trust myself sometimes. I often yell, scream and snap at people. Most of those close to me; or within contact distance often mumble and dismiss me as a psycho not worth their while.
Relishing the Combat Missions
I must have mentioned earlier that I love extreme sports. I really don’t think it is the sporting part that thrills me. It must be the extreme element. My personality naturally led me to enlist with the army. Love had always bee an elusive experience and concept to me. I say this because every time I though I had
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