The Essential Characteristics Of The Army Profession

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Turn on the TV or read a newspaper and it won’t be long before you hear or read about a high ranking military member being charged with or facing allegations of misconduct. As a result of recent headlines, we as a military organization are losing the sacred trust invested in us by the very people we are in uniform to protect, the American people. This includes the young men and women who will join our ranks on a daily basis. We as a professional organization need to bring about a cultural change, a re-calibration of sorts, within the ranks of our Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers. Only after we realign our leaders can we begin to eliminate the ineffective leaders and nurture a new professional organization, one that can rebuild…show more content…
How does the individual participant defend himself/herself in the most effective manner with either minimal equipment or up-to-date firepower? How do these individuals deploy to an area to make sure strategic superiority is maintained? How are these individuals transported and sheltered during the deployments? How are supplies replenished on a timely basis, including personal needs as well as equipment to continue the engagement? At what point is victory assured for this particular involvement? All these areas have matured through the years and made our profession the most potent, feared fighting force in the world. But, what is the value of such power if it is not perceived as being used in an ethical manner for protection of our American population or in the lands of those we have sought to help throughout the years? It is our very mission to do every campaign in the most ethical manner possible which gains the respect of all individuals seeing our profession valuing the life we have been given the oath to protect and support. As individuals, we have a self-worth that is developed through our formative years which can be considered in stages. First is the formation of personality in the first five years of life; second, learning basic educational needs in our first 6-8 years of school; third, learning independent thinking and ability to “work” with others in the high school years; and finally,

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