The Essential Characteristics of Effective Teaching

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The essential characteristics of effective teaching There is no doubt that teachers play a critical part in a student’s school experience and learning. Teachers, who have the ability to motivate, encourage and understand their students and their individual circumstances can provide a positive school experience, and can contribute to student’s success in later life. Student’s present teachers with a wide range of knowledge and skills, this provides a significant challenge to teachers as they need to ensure that all students regardless of their learning ability are provided with knowledge and skills to progress both academically and socially. In order to achieve this, teachers must incorporate certain characteristics into their teaching…show more content…
138). Engage- The teacher needs to get the students motivated and excited for the lesson. Explore- The teacher should investigate new areas of learning and get the students active in their personal learning. Explain- The teacher should explain what is to be learnt. Elaborate- The teacher should elaborate so that the students can make connections to previous learning and show the relevance of the current learning and lastly evaluate- The teacher needs to determine which students understood the lesson; the teacher should evaluate their teaching methods against the level of students that learnt from the teaching and evaluate the suitability of the content. 2.1- Content An effective teacher will cover content for the lesson that is both informative and helpful, when planning the lesson the teacher must consider what descriptors have been set out by ACARA and explain the lesson in a way that the students absorb the information. The content which the teacher covers is extremely important for the students learning and evaluation, teachers need to cover certain content to keep their students on par with students in the same year level all around Australia. There are four levels of content these are the curriculum area that the lesson is based on, the particular strand within that curriculum area, and the specific topic for the lesson and the actual content of the lesson (Whitton et al., 2010, pg. 155) 2.2-
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