The Essential Components Of Mtss

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Essential Components of MTSS Colorado one of the many states that utilizes MTSS in their education states the following as key components of MTSS: • Shared Leadership • Data-Based Problem Solving and Decision Making • Layered Continuum of Supports • Evidence-Based Instruction, Intervention, and Assessment Practices • Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring • Family, School, and Community Partnering The purpose of MTSS is to hold both the teacher and the student accountable for a successful education. MTSS is a partnership that relies on the effort of both parties. The fundamental purpose is to increase the level of supports the student needs to be successful by using evidence based practices and instruction to produce a…show more content…
If there is no hope to enhance their education there is the hope that it can give the students a support system, they were lacking and decrease the chances of students forming unhealthy habits and behaviors. If the system doesn’t work in the academic sense it can still work in the behavioral aspect. Using MTSS can diminish and replace problematic behaviors, thus creating more time on task and teacher involvement to help the whole student body learn. Education continues to work on “Closing the achievement gap using multi-tiered academic supports requires best practices for universal screening and diagnostic assessment to understand youth academic needs (Benner, Kutash and Nelson)”. The key word in that sentence is focusing on student’s needs. Thus, creating more teachers who work to emphasize and understand the lives of their students and creating the “Down Teacher” that Dance describes and implores teachers to strive to be to meet the needs of their students. This is the best system that has been created yet to work with students. Placing this pedagogy in the hands of teachers and psychologists who work in urban education could change urban education for the better. Focusing on the students’ needs is at the fore front of a student-centered approach. To accommodate and adapt has and will always be a student-centered approach. Teachers who do not adapt and ignore the needs of student to teach required material fall under the teacher centered approach which doesn’t

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