The Essential Father By Louise Silverstein And Carl Auerbach

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Hang up the baseball glove and put away the bedtime stories. No need to take that long walk with your daughter or have that long talk with your son. Keep the advice and hugs to yourself, and don 't worry about coming home. If you 're a father, you 're no longer wanted or needed in 21st-century America.

This news may come as a shock with another Father 's Day upon us, but it 's just some of what Louise Silverstein and Carl Auerbach concluded in a jaw-dropping study on fathers and fatherhood aptly titled "Deconstructing the Essential Father." Published in American Psychologist, a journal of the American Psychological Association, the study 's radical conclusions further undermine what was once beyond debate - the idea that fathers play a crucial role in the health of families and children. Still sending shockwaves through public-policy circles more than a year after its initial publication, the study is just one of countless indicators that "Dad" is an endangered species.

Dangerous Dads? Chipping away at some of our most basic conceptions of parenting, the APA study declares that fathers are not essential to child well-being; the institution of marriage does not serve the broader interests of society; divorce is not necessarily harmful to children; fathers contribute nothing special to child development; and the traditional family unit - headed by a mother and father - is not any better at protecting children than anything else. In other

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