The Essential Nature Of Art

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The essential nature of art is meant to portray the daily lives of the people in that culture. It shows what the people think is important, beautiful, and valid. It expresses the emotions that the artists feel, and it provides decoration through his medium. During the Renaissance, wealthy families would contract artists to create works of art as a financial investment and also as a way to flaunt their wealth. Today, wealthy families purchase works of art in a similar manner; as a financial investment and as a way to show off their wealth. The difference between the Renaissance era and today is that the medium has changed. Although art still takes the form of paintings, poetry, novels, music, film and television, a whole new medium of art had been created, yet the essentials of art still remain the same. During the fifteen century, many people believed themselves to be living in a new age, and that was when the Early Renaissance started. In Italy, the most priced artworks depicted the revival of Greek gods and goddesses. Artists in that era studied the natural world, anatomy and perspective in order to create the most famous masterpieces found in Europe today. One of them is called The Birth of Venus made by a famous Italian artist named Sandro Botticelli. His real name was Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi, born in Florence, Italy in 1445. In fact, “he created this painting in 1486 by the time he was assigned to work for the Medici family of Florence along with his cousin
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