Essay about The Esssence of Rebirth and Death in Literature

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The Essence of Rebirth and Death in Literature

     Literature has always been a powerful way for people to express their ideas, opinions, and feelings. Authors often use literature to depict aspects of society that can affect a man or woman’s life. In the stories, “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter,” Life in the Iron Mills, “Barbie Doll,” and The Awakening the women of the stories do not seem to adapt to societal expectations. The inadequacy of the women of these stories to meet the view of society has lead to either a rebirth or ultimately a drive to suicide.
     In D.H. Lawrence’s “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter,” rebirth is a central theme of the story. Lawrence uses his main character,
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The second time was at the graveyard when he sees how tenderly Mabel cares for her mother’s grave. At the gravesite he immediately feels connected to her when their eyes meet. The third and most important life altering encounter is at the pond when he sees Mabel immerse herself into the water to drown herself. Detailed descriptions of how Dr. Ferguson slowly and carefully entered the cold, foul smelling water were given. The cold being a metaphor for death. Meyers says, “Lawrence describes, in a series of ‘o’ sounds, how the doctor slowly enters the world of the dead and restores her to life: ‘The cold water rose over his thighs, over his loins, upon his abdomen. The lower part of his body was all sunk in hideous cold element. And the bottom was so deeply soft and uncertain, he was afraid of pitching with his mouth underneath’ (928)” (347). When he reaches her and drags her out of the water he breathes into her mouth and before long she is breathing on her own. It is almost as if with a kiss he awakens her; “In this poignant passage Lawrence alludes not only to the awakening of an enchanted princess in a fairy tale but also to three classical myths, Persephone’s emergence from Hades in the spring of each year, Orpheaf attempted rescue of Eurydice from the underworld, and Hercules wrestling Alcestis from the arms of death” (Meyers 348). Dr. Ferguson takes her from the water to dry land, which

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