The Establishment Of Islamic Banking

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the establishment of Islamic banking in Bangladesh. Later In November 1982, a entrustment of IDB triped Bangladesh and proclaimed enthusiastic interest to contribute or the establishing a Islamic bank through joint venture especially in the private domain. Two proficient bodies such as the Islamic Economics Research Bureau (IERB) and the Bangladesh Islamic Bankers ' Association (BIBA) ended noteworthy groundwork on the way to initiate a Islamic banking in Bangladesh. They gave several training and workshop on the law and the regulation as well as the processing of Islamic banking to different top level bank officers, economist, and scholars. Mean the time different seminars, roundtable meeting, dialouge , cros talk and symposiam as well as the workshops on Islamic banking ccross the country.

finally after long walk of struggle Bangladesh became one of the pioneear sate who started the islamic banking in the country and the Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) was started its journey in March 1983 with 19 Bangladeshi citizens, 4 national institutions and 11 conventional banks, some financial institutions and more importantly the government UAE, Europe organizations Including IDB and two renowned traits of the KSA give a hands to transform the dream into reality of us. afterward, another 3 Islamic Banks were installed in Bangladesh. In the country several Islamic banks have been working for about one and half decade flanking through the conventional banks. nine completely
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