The Establishment Of New England In The 15th Century

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During the 15th century, the Columbian exchange brought America and Europe new ways to increase their populations. Europeans used these new ways to find opportunities for economic gain in America, which led to the establishment of several colonies in America by the British government. The ambitions and developments of Virginia together with the push for mercantilism in New England, clearly shows that the British colonies were established for economic gain. The establishment of Virginia by the Virginia joint stock company, was due to two primary ambitions, which were to find gold and a shorter route to Asia. Ultimately, the British found neither of their primary ambitions and moved on to find another source of economic gain. This was accomplished by John Rolfe, who brought the cash crop…show more content…
As more puritans began settling in New England, new threats were added to their daily lives, such as the constant threat of natives trying to attack them. In order to diminish this threat, the New England Confederation which was a military alliance between all the colonies of New England, was formed. The New England Confederation’s first victory was in King Philip's War, gave them attention from the king of England. The king of England did not like this because to him it was as if New England was becoming individual and not just a part of his kingdom. To deal with this, the king replaced the New England Confederation with the Dominion of New England. Although this new military force did protect the people of New England, it also enforced the newly passed Navigation laws. These new laws enforced mercantilism, which might that New England colonies could only trade with each other and England. England was allowed to benefit greatly by using New England as its own source of wealth with the enforcement of
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