The Eternal City

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The establishing of Rome to the beginning of civilization, It is so old, it is today known as “The eternal city”(1). Ancient Rome was one of the greatest empires of the century. Rome was accepted to be established around 509 B.c. It began turning into a country after the Romans drove out the Etruscan lord. Little did the Romans realize that driving out their lords was the start of the best and biggest realms ever known to history. After the fall of Monarchy another type of government was setup, called the republic. Which they thought would keep any people from picking up an excessive amount of force. As stated by Moses Hadas in Tacitus “ Besides, in a state able to rely on so many distinguished men everything should not be entrusted to a single person: a group could more easily carry out the duties of the government by pooling their efforts.”(Annals i.II) Between the years 509 B.c. furthermore 133 B.c., Rome adjusted the so called “Republic Government” to fit the need of the individuals it served. Besides developing a new government the Romans created a military force to invade not just Italy, as well as the whole Mediterranean world. In the early republic the leaders controlled force, of areas they represented. Representatives, who served for life, got the duty to translate laws and acted as judges. In the occasion of a war the senate may choose a dictator figure that ruled for just six months in time of crisis. Julius Caesar was the name of the great military and
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