The Ethical Analysis Assignment Is Still Alice By Lisa Genova

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Summary The book that I chose for the Ethical Analysis assignment is Still Alice by Lisa Genova. The book revolves around, Alice Howland, a 50 year-old linguistics professor at Harvard University. In the beginning of the book, Alice seems to be in perfect health. She runs frequently and seems to be in great physical shape, but she soon realizes that something isn’t quite right. Alice begins forgetting small things, such as to sending an email to someone in her department for work, which she attributes to a few things: getting older, her stressful and sometimes hectic schedule, and (last, but not least) menopause. After researching her symptoms, she is convinced that it is related to menopause, so she decides to make any appointment with…show more content…
Despite her failing memory, she managed to make it through until the end of the fall semester, but many began to notice her shortcomings. She simply wasn’t the professor that she once was. The department chairman called her in to discuss her performance from the fall semester, in which Alice felt obligated to inform him of her diagnosis. He advised her that it was not wise for her to continue lecturing, advising graduate students, traveling, or doing speeches for the university. All of things that she worked so hard for seemed to go up in smoke in a matter of seconds. After she stopped working at the university, it seemed that her memory declined more quickly. Not only could Alice feel pieces of her beautiful memories slipping away, but everyone else could too. There was no longer hiding that she had this awful disease. Alice no longer recognized her daughter (Lydia), she was unable to go running alone as her family feared she would get lost, etc. Soon, she would lose all of the little memories and things that made her exactly who she was. Towards the end of the book, John announces that he has been offered a position in New York and he would like for them to move there, but Alice and their children disagreed. She wanted John to take a sabbatical to spend time together while she could still remember who he was, but John was intent on taking the job. At the end of the book, Alice’s life had become a series of daily struggles due to her

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