The Ethical And Ethical Views Behind Computer Scientists

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There has been a legitimate distinction between the moral and ethical views behind computer scientists being responsible for the action that they take upon the problems that they can face from the systems that they design. They must be faced with the codes of ethics and the morality issues in order to acknowledge the user about the responsibility that they must encounter in order for the use of technology. In the case of the technological society, the IT technology must include security measures to avoid hacking and to be in line with legislations since it’s an important factor towards moral responsibilities. Several issues have been identified as a result to whether computer scientists perform their job role correctly or not. The failure to not meeting the correct responsibilities of their job could result in computer scientists exposing the perception of moral and ethical principles to the audience and the society incorrectly. The lack of effective analogy forces can discover the publicizing and anticipation with negative views and so shows the immoral aspects. Whereas, other evidence could should morality since it can help the community and society into developing and taking technology positively to a further level.

KEYWORDS: codes of ethics, ethical, morality, legislations, responsibilities,

1 Computer scientists aren’t just general scientists who only experiment, but in fact they apply their knowledge in the field of developing and designing systems

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