The Ethical And Legal Implications Of The Health Care Industry

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As Healthcare Administrator’s and professionals within the health care industry, we face a myriad of issues that force us to analyze both the ethical & legal responsibilities of both the institution, and the rights of the patient.
In response to an unfortunate increase in the number of pregnant women that are patients at our health care facility, and the increasing number of woman upon examination that have exposed or are exposing their fetuses to risk, a study of the ethical and legal implications is genuinely required.
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, defines substance use disorder “as a pathologic pattern of behaviors related to the use of any of 10 separate classes of substances, including alcohol and licit and illicit substances” (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 2015).
Harm to the fetus may originate from a myriad of legitimate (acceptable) and illegal substances which would have a profound effect in forming a reasonable course of action which would result in the patient in question facing possible incarceration or punishment as a result of their unfortunate lifestyle.
II. Legal Guidelines: o U.S. Constitution
Under the application of Federal Law and the U.S. Constitution it has been specifically addressed that a fetus has not been granted the rights and privileges of a person. Legal civil liberties have focused solely on the rights and privileges of the mother.
Components of the U.S. Constitution that…
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