The Ethical And Moral Issue

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Recent research suggests that human beings have the technology to revert species extinction. Scientists are able to reassemble the DNA in a dead tissue of extinct animals. However, the DNA is not perfect because it contains bacteria, fungi, or other micro-organism’s DNA. Scientists have to find their closest living relative and reassemble the missing gene to form a hybrid gene. These technique can potentially bring any extinct animal back as long as we have its DNA. For this new technology, we will be using the theory of Utilitarianism to examine the ethics behind it. The main ethical and moral issue comes with the out come of the extinct species enter the wild. Firstly, my view is that recreated extinct species equals alien species. My definition of alien species is plant, animal, or microorganism that is not currently living in a place but are transported into the area. This means, all extinct species are alien species to our current environment if we bring any of them back. They might be the most abundant species on the area when they were alive, for example, the passenger pigeon was once the most abundant species in North America. However, once they went extinct, the food chain and ecosystem began to not depend on their existence. Therefore, the question will be, what happen when we introduce there extinct species into wild? And does the happiness outweigh the risk? What might happen when introducing an alien species to an area? For the native species, these alien…
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