The Ethical And Moral Issues Of The Adoption Essay

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With adoption there are often many issues that can arise. The issues during an adoption can range from ethical, moral, to legal issues. One might think there could be many legal issues when it comes to an adoption, but not many may think of the ethical and moral issues that can come about in the adoption process. Ethical issues can arise in the post adoption process by the way of wrongful adoption liability. This issue pertains to two categories, fraud as the basis for wrongful adoption, and negligence as the basis for wrongful adoption. This issue has been decided in many court cases. In many of these cases the mother uses one of these arguments as a basis to try to revoke the adoption, and gain back their parental rights. The fraud as a basis for wrongful adoption is “deliberately providing inaccurate material background information.”(AFFCNY, 2016) While the negligence basis is carelessly not providing material, and background information. “At least 17 states and the District of Columbia have adoption laws providing a specified number of days after signing a relinquishment (ranging from three to 30 days) during which birthparents can revoke their decisions without having to prove fraud or best interests of the child.” (Smith, 2006) The next ethical issue that commonly comes up is the best interests of the child. When a mother petitions to get her rights returned to her as a parent after relinquishing her rights the main issue the judge will look at if they deem that the
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