The Ethical And Social Responsibilities Of Merck And Company

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Merck and Company is a pharmaceutical research company known for groundbreaking discoveries in developing medications. This paper will cover a scenario where Merck was considering the further development of a preexisting medication to treat patients with a mosquito transmitted worm larvae that thrives in the new host and reproduces within the host better known as river blindness. This paper will examine the corporate ethical and social responsibilities by evaluating the stakeholders, the Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid, then organizational values, Stakeholder Impact and Trust, and will make a final decision.
Stakeholders are any entity that is impacted by a business through the business’s actions. In this scenario, Merck and Company’s stakeholders are its product consumers, employees, material suppliers, government agencies, its shareholders, and local communities. In this evaluation, it was discovered that the most impacted stakeholders are the employees, consumers, and the communities of the infected consumers. Without question, Merck’s employees have an obviously implicit involvement and are immediately impacted by the determinations made by Merck’s leadership. The consumers are impacted in that they could potentially be healed from a life threatening disease or face the detriment of the discovered side effects. Creating a medicine to treat this disease will have a direct impact on the affected communities and their living conditions.
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