The Ethical And Unethical Behavior

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One of the greatest challenges of moral reasoning involves deciding where to draw the line between an ethical and unethical behavior. Morals help us determine what actions are right and wrong. We must consider all the good and bad consequences when deciding if an action is right or wrong. While some actions are clearly right, others are clearly wrong; sometimes our judgment may become cloudy, causing it to be difficult to make the right decision, and that’s when there is a conflict of interest. Conflict of interest always leads to bad outcome because your judgment is being influenced; it’s an unethical behavior. One moral dilemma we come across in today’s society is bribery. Bribery is the practice of extortion; bribery and extortion have many elements in common therefore it can easily be misunderstand as the other. Bribery is the offering of anything of value, such as gifts or money, in exchange to do something illegally; it is a way of getting preferential treatment and inherent favoritism. The world’s largest foreign bribery case was against Siemens AG. Extortion is blackmailing, a crime where one person forces another person to do something against his own will; obtaining something by illegal threats such as getting another’s money or property through force. Bribery is an unethical practice because it involves conflict of interest; it corrupts both the giver and recipient because it involves a breach of trust. Bribery is a crime against trust. While bribery is viewed as
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