The Ethical And Unethical Choices

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Wayne Grudem provides insight for Christians pursuing careers in business with specific situations which can lead to both ethical and unethical choices. The author chooses to discuss popular situations in the workplace like profit, debt, and competition. His intention is to acknowledge the possible wrongdoings of fraud which could take place and to discuss ways to avoid negative situations from occurring in our workplaces and lives. The aspect of poverty is discussed in detail as it has a large impact on business practice, and results in unfairness to individuals who are trying to better their lives. The author also brings the biblical aspect of business into discussion as he frequently uses verses to solidify his reasoning. Throughout the…show more content…
Business for the Glory of God states, “You are buying from the person who can produce and distribute a computer cheaper than someone else, and you are encouraging that more efficient manufacturer to stay in business, and you are discouraging the less efficient, more expensive computer manufactures from staying in business” (Grudem, 2003, p. 63). I also take Grudem’s stance on business competition and feel that it can be a wonderful way to push individuals and businesses, which in return creates affordable products and more variety for consumers. Buying and Selling with Integrity Grudem explains the way temptation can sway individuals to fill their hearts with large sums of greed. Businesses make transactions daily and through those transactions they can potentially make larger profits on clients who are less aware of rates and not as knowledgeable of the specific product or service. As Christians it can be difficult to watch this occur in our workplace. The concept that we must work ethically and with integrity in all our actions provides a grey area for employees when they realize their workplace does not have those values. While business can glory God and absolutely should in all aspects, it is difficult to determine if the acts of others are theirs alone or if they will end up being a reflection on the employee as well. For a personal
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