The Ethical Application Of Research And Information

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The task of researching does not really sound particularly arduous. In the simplest of terms, it is just looking up information, and with the availability of search engines and smart cell phones, that information is just seconds away. At least, this is how I approached it. Through the unit dedicated to the Honor’s Competency of Research, I realized this is not quite the case. The process of finding ethical, credible, and relevant information and ethically, credibly, and relevantly applying it to solve contemporary problems is what we mean by research. Knowing this process is vital today. Learning, developing, and practicing my own research skills during my time here and Minnesota State University, Mankato will later aid me in future workplace environments and volunteer opportunities if I utilize the research processes and ethical use of information displayed by scholars.
The ethical application of research and information is displayed well by scholars. Ethical research begins with what information you’re reading and accessing. To verify the validity and reliability of information, scholars use peer-reviewed articles. In essence, peer-reviewed articles are those submitted to a publisher who then sends it anonymously to other scholars knowledgeable in the field. The scholars, who do not know the identity of the author, then read and review the article. They have the option of submitting the article to be published, back for revisions, or trashed entirely. This process…

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