The Ethical Behavior Of Stakeholders

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IV. The Rights and Obligations of Stakeholders Including Individuals and Organizations That Have Potentially Causing Forest and Land Fire in Indonesia There are causative factors of land and forest fire that frequently occurred in Indonesia. The factors are weather symptoms of El Nino, attitude that do not heed government warnings, and law enforcement for forest fires actors that are still weak. Each of this factor related to the ethical behavior of stakeholders. Business ethics are ways to do business, which cover all aspects relating to individuals, companies, industries and communities or can be called as stakeholders. According to Boylan, they include how to conduct business fairly, in accordance with applicable law, and does not depend on the position of individuals and companies in the community. According to utilitarian approach, any action should be based on the consequences. Therefore, business action should give maximum benefit to the community, but does not harm and with the lowest possible cost. According to Ministry for National Development Planning, some motives of the actors behind forest and land fire because burning will simplify and accelerate the work to clear the land, operational cost savings in land clearing, eliminating waste timber on, minimize or prevent the occurrence of pests of plants and also to improve soil quality as efforts to prepare in planting process. Moreover, the motifs are more widely used for the purpose of expansion and or

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