The Ethical Business Of Business Essay

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All over the world business reputations are hitting a downward spiral, which is a serious concern for business leader because they hire the workers to produce the best possible outcome for their business. Business leaders are concerned about their unethical workplace being the explanation why their business is down the tube. Dr. Barry Morgan from the Archbishop of Wales support calls for an ethical business law. In proportion to the ethical business calling on the BBC, “Dr. Morgan believes an oath for those with the Master of Business Administration (MBA), which lays out a code of principles like the Hippocratic Oath does for doctors, would help with responsible leadership in business” (BBC: News Wales, 2011). It is probably the case that all businesses should sign the oath, this gives consumers to show that they are dedicated to being an ethical business. There are numerous of long run businesses that known to be unethical and they can steer the new business in the unethical direction. By adapting to business ethic terms and look for examples in the business fields that have an ethical or unethical reputation, this will give the opportunity for the business leaders to steer their employees into a healthy environment for their business to go the right direction. The definition of business ethics is the study of proper business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues. These issues include the global codes of ethics, corporate governance, corporate
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