The Ethical Climate Of The Virginia Beach Police Department Essay

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Recently, law enforcement agencies across the country have come under increased scrutiny for their questionable tactics, specifically regarding use of force situations. Tragic outcomes resulting from police and citizen interactions have emphasized the significance of building strong, cooperative relationships between local police departments and the communities that they have sworn to protect. To build and maintain community trust, it is necessary for those in leadership positions to create an environment in which ethical behavior is expected of all employees regardless of their position or rank. The city leaders for the City of Virginia Beach, VA, realize and appreciate this idea and the notion that the integrity of their police department directly correlates to the level of community trust.
To identify the current ethical climate of the Virginia Beach Police Department, all members, both sworn and non-sworn, were asked to complete an ethical climate survey earlier this year. The purpose of this task was to obtain data on the current ethical climate of the agency. This information would then provide a benchmark to better monitor their progress against their own results. Obtaining knowledge through the ethical climate survey was only the beginning. The results provided management with valuable information, both positive and negative, of the ethical climate within the agency. Once the results were calculated across several dimensions it was the responsibility of the
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