The Ethical Code Of Enhancement Ethics

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Introduction: This ever controversial topic of discussion has been about human enhancement this includes any action by which we improve our bodies, minds, or abilities. Any options we do to enhance our well-being. The arguments with enhancement are personal health and safety, fairness, equality, and individual freedom. The practices that are being disputed in the enhancement ethics writings are related to biomedical interventions that are used to advance human form or functioning beyond what is essential to repair or maintain one's health. There are numerous differing thoughts on this issue. Enhancement raises several ethical uncertainties, even if it is possible to enhance would it be desirable? (Kaebnick, 2001) The President’s…show more content…
The President’s Council on Bioethics in article #1 conclude why would one risk basic health to pursue a situation of better than well. They argue that there are a number of moral problems with enhancement. They tell us about the unfairness of natural inequalities with size, strength, and talent. They bring up the essential sources of concern: safety, equality, and freedom. This article is about information regarding the dignity of human activity. Loss of identity and individuality. They argue thus the pursuit of happiness? They ask us, is it not a life of love and friendship, song and dance, working and learning, and worshiping. They say we need to treasure and preserve what nature individually gave to us. (Kaebnick,…show more content…
The second article, by Ronald Bailey, concludes that we will find first that enhancements will better enable people to flourish. They instruct one of the foremost goals is to think about the crucial role that advantage plays in human life. It is frequently said that genetic enhancements undercut our humanity by intimidating our capacity to act freely, to prosper by our own efforts, and to consider ourselves responsible and worthy of admiration or fault for the things we do and for the way we are. (Kaebnick, 2001)
My personal choice for me is article #1 based on my beliefs that we are all made in the image of God. In regards to the use of human enhancement tools, I find human enhancement morally objectionable. When is diminishment a form of enhancement bases on these ethical concerns of balance between injuries and benefits, maintaining and caring, respect for individuals and human dignity, justice, and concern for the poor, fairness and kindly love?

Christian Perspective: The purpose of human life is well-defined by God. What place, then for God’s purposes and human responsibility in the use of medical tools to enhance human existence? If persons are the creation of God, then one could argue that to start changing that formation is trespassing on the godlike ground. It seems to myself that we should not, change what God has
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