The Ethical Code Of Flydubai

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Internal ethic codes
Flydubai's purchasing department strives to demonstrate the highest ethical standards used to adhere to the ethical standards of all its stakeholders and their participation in the procurement process. Flydubai not only strive to be fair and efficient in the transaction, but also to avoid any unfavorable explanation of the behavior. In the form of temptation or threat, any improper practice must be reported, even if they are sufficiently vague to allow innocent explanations. All Flydubai employees are subject to Flydubai's code of conduct and procurement ethical guidelines when conducting any sourcing activities.( Flydubai.2017)

As they clearly mentioned out some point need more emphasis:

- First, the employee of flydubai
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They risk management strategy are fully focused only on financial risks which may cause bribery and corruptions issues, and these issues will damage the company reputation. Even through they have every clear details for anti-bribery policies and ethic codes, they didn’t provide enough example to guide the supplier and employees when they face these kind of risk in the real world. Aside from these, the communication of risks are also very important, the supplier and the organizations both need have the same knowledge for what kind of risks they may face during the process of procurement. Another problem is that even if such kind of policies and codes are implemented, they don’t have a necessary mechanism to evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness…show more content…
Risk committee should give due emphasis to these risks. This strategy should follow the principles of risk management as mentioned above. In addition, industry benchmarks and strategies of other airlines should be referred to. Real world examples and case studies should be included codes and regulations to make things clearer and easily understood for their employees and the suppliers. Moreover, they need to have more training on their employee on the codes and regulations to ensure that they always make the right decision whenever risk occurs. At same time, sufficient communication with supplier regarding the anti-bribery policy should be contacted regularly. Apart from these, flydubai should improve the risk awareness of both supplier and employees through risk communication. For example, risk committee of flydubai can organize the regular meetings with both suppliers and their procurement staff, and share with them the potential and realistic risks, and providing them with more efficient solutions to these kind of risks. So they will be prepared the risks that may occur in the future. Finally, they have to establish a solid evaluation system which can deliver valid assessment results. There are lots of tools their can used for the evaluation which include problem analysis, to records all the activities and events of a risk management plan. And
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