The Ethical Conduct Of My Former Organization

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The ethical conduct that the COO of my former organization had was above reproach. He was never the type of leader that made an employee feel as though he would back out of a promise or do something that was the least bit unethical. This was a particular strength that he had that allowed for employees to feel motivated and empowered to improve. The main reason behind this was because if he said something to an employee, the employee knew that they would be able to rely on what he told them verbally unlike some executives and supervisors that forget at times what they have said.
He had extremely effective communication skills that ensured that nothing was misconstrued or unclear. This was very helpful with new policies and procedures because he did not allow for anyone to be able to use the excuse that they did not know about them. A big portion of communicating is listening, and no matter how busy he might have been at the time, an employee knew that he was listening to what they had to say to him when they were speaking with him. I think that this not only helped him to successfully motivate and empower his employees, but was part of what made him an effective leader that was able to build up the organization. There are some best practices that organizational leaders could use to motivate employees. According to Gill (2011):
Understanding what motivates people at work, how it does so, what leaders do when they motivate employees, and how they create the conditions…
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