The Ethical Consequences Of Breaching A Patient Confidentiality

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Confidentiality is one of the main duties of health care providers. They are required to keep information about patient’s health private unless the patient give permission to release his/her health information (De Bord et al, 2013). Dilemmas in patient’s confidentiality may arise when there is disagreement between confidentiality and other ethical principles such as avoiding harm to the patient or others.
The aims of this essay is to describe my professional viewpoint on the confidentiality of a patient. Includes the explanation of the ethical consequences of breaching a patient confidentiality, present an ethical principles to validate my point, find out valid alternative to deal with the dilemma. Finally describe the role of the ethics committees in resolving dilemma using ethical theories and principles.
Breach of confidentiality is when a health care provider provides to a third party patient’s health information without the patient’s consent (De Bord et al, 2013). When a patient’s confidentiality is breached patient would lose his/her trust in the healthcare provider. When this happen, it would be detrimental to health care practice because patients will not provide to the health provider all necessary information needed due to fear that their secret possibly will be revealed to a third party. When patient’s privacy is exposed they may not seek for medical care at times or stop seeking for medical help when sick (Nathason, 2000). The Hippocratic Oath and Nightingale
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