The Ethical Considerations And Ramifications Of A Flat Tax System

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With the next presidential election just around the bend, there have been many heated policy debates on both sides of the caucuses. One of the more intriguing of these has to be the debate on the structure of the current tax system. Many GOP hopefuls are putting forth plans to impose a Flat Tax System. The scope of this paper is not to analyze, per se, the reasons behind their putting forth such ideas. Instead, this paper will attempt to analyze the ethical considerations and ramifications of a flat tax system as opposed to our current progressive system. In order to accomplish this goal the following study will: present a thorough analysis of the background surrounding this issue; the stakeholders and their involvement in the issue as well as the issues effects on each; two ethical theories and test and how they apply; and finally a Biblical interpretation on the ethical issues that will be brought to light and a suggestion to believers on what side they should take given the analysis presented.
As already stated one of the hot topics that seem to be at the heart of the political primaries is the topic of taxes. Many candidates are also proposing to rid the nation of the “overcomplicated” progressive structure we have now and replace it with a flat tax. Mary LaPonsie of emphatically states that the “tax code clocks in at an outstanding 73,954 pages as of 2013, it includes seven tax rates, four standard deductions, and at least a dozen tax credits…
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