The Ethical Cost Of Stem Cell

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Through the history of medicine there have been different interventions, inventions, patents, breakthrough discoveries, and cured diseases. However, some of these crucial discoveries have come at an ethical cost to the scientific community which has raised concerns among the different populations of the world. A critical discovery in the world of medicine was the development and use of stem cells to cure tissue, organ, and endothelial damage; the regeneration of hair and auditory neurons; and the potential to cure some of the world’s most puzzling diseases. The term “stem cell” was first used in scientific literature in 1868 by a German biologist Ernst Haeckel to describe a fertilized egg that becomes an organism.3 Haeckel also used the…show more content…
Good of the University of Minnesota was able to perform the first successful bone marrow transplant on a child who was suffering from immune deficiency.3 The child received the
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